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Jahara Defined

Von BeBe Conrad

In Jahara Technique everything is based on 2 elements: the body's structure and the physical properties of water. Our goal is to give expansion to the spine. What we are doing at each moment is very precise, and is always based on the Concepts and Principles of Jahara Technique; which are characteristic for each movement. Concepts are the ideas, and the Principles are the actions of what we are creating. Our understanding is built on how the concepts and principles interact with each other as we work with the client. We see the body as a whole, always supporting the body with constant alignment and expansion as we observe how the body responds to the treatment.


All movements have definition as we use very specific footwork and movement patterns that then become the consequence of how the client is moved and worked on. Awareness of our body alignment creates less strain for us, and with that awareness we create overall expansion and alignment for the client throughout the whole session. We work with effortlessness; working light, gentle, slow, and allowing the water to hold the client. The trick is that this doesn't happen through effort or struggle. We work with awareness, intention, and clarity. We call this the Power of Gentleness. We look for working with mobility, freedom, and form. The movements of JT are round, like endless spiraling lines that are linked together, with the head always leading and moving like a fish in water.

We use the Third Arm, which is a flotation device, under one or both knees, creating versatility and freedom to move around the client. Sometimes this frees us up to use one hand to do body work and tractions. The client is low in the water as we press down on the body, which spreads and widens the body's structure. This creates traction and expansion of the whole spine. We use the third arm with everyone, and choose the appropriate movement for the individual client in order to bring about the best results. There are no sequences in Jahara; all movements are freely linked together as they are applied to the individual's body structure.

BeBe Conrad

is a Jahara Teacher.